Ryan gets Hurt!

Professional skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler, has just injured himself.

The star of his own MTV reality show, Life of Ryan, has reportedly broken his arm just a few days before he was set to compete in a skateboarding competition.

An inside source says, "Multiple breaks to the arm have caused a bone chip to be a primary source of the continuous dislocations. The recent break has caused ligament damage and will surely force a reason for surgery, or at the very least, a plan for surgery in the near future. He has refused a cast and will compete in the Maloof Money Cup and upcoming DEW Tour in Cleveland, Ohio."

The 18 year-old was believed by many to be up for the first place prize of $100,000.

Let's hope that his skateboarding while injured doesn't make it worse. It doesn't sound like a wise idea!

Sheckler will begin filming for Season 3 of his MTV reality show this week.

The episodes will air in the next few months.

Thanks PerezHilton.com for the news!
Stay strong Ryan!

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